SAT & ACT Resources

We’ve crafted a variety of tools and resources to provide you with all you need to know about SAt & ACT exams. Resources are provided in pdf for your convenience. Tools and resources will be added and updated frequently!


High School and Magnet Program Coursework Consultation. Begins 2nd Semester of 8th Grade and Continues Through High School.

Comprehensive College Planning

Personality, Career Interest, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Team Building and Conflict Assessment

Degree, Career Exploration, Management and Mid-Career Changes

Complete & Tailored Services

Our coaching expertise allows us to develop the most effective plans that guide our clients in fulfilling their greatest potential.

Our plans are mindfully crafted in collaboration with our clients to allow extensive levels of interest and ownership on both ends.

Regardless of the coaching type, our ultimate goal is to execute a plan that encourages continued success.

Our Work

Our services are comprehensively crafted to ensure the best outcomes for each of our clients. Initial consultations are completed with each client to ensure appropriate suggestions and plans are in place.

Maximize Your Success 

Over the years, Career Crafters has developed a strong reputation for helping parents and students just like you enter the college experience. We understand the work and dedication needed to get into prestigious Ivy League colleges or one of the many highly selective universities around the country. What we offer is our guidance, knowledge, and experience to answer the questions that you have, while developing a plan that will successfully help you reach your goals.

At Career Crafters, we are here to provide the assistance needed to maximize your chances of entering college. We understand that there are no guarantees, but we can assist in avoiding possible mistakes. Let us help you achieve your goals and reach your dream of earning a diploma from one of the most selective and prestigious universities Country. Call or contact us today and find out more about the services we offer for you.