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Kim Johnson, M.Ed.

Experienced in creating and implementing comprehensive career development plans at the high school, college and professional levels including education, career and leadership planning.

Comprehensive understanding of career development guidelines and programs.

In-depth knowledge of formal career assessments to support clients in understanding interests, skills, and values; develop work experience portfolios and define goals and objectives.

Extensive experience with methods of career research, education and career planning and development.

Excellent decision making, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

A Message From 

Kim Johnson

“I have taught and counseled at all three educational levels.  High School Juniors, Seniors and their families are the most exciting serve.  It’s at this time that their past 13 years come together and students launch into what’s next.  Facilitating this process is a joy.  The celebration that occurs with each acceptance letter can only be compared to Christmas morning.”


How Career Crafters Started  


As a high school counselor, Kim Johnson found herself frustrated at the lack of time available to work with her juniors and seniors on what’s next after graduation. The opportunities to educate them and their families on the college and career planning process seemed to have disappeared as mandated state testing responsibilities increased.

Families often found their way to Kim’s office bewildered by how much has changed and what is required in the college admission process. Kim knew what the families needed, but struggled with how to implement the real science behind crafting a college and career plan with those students and families who could benefit most. Simultaneously, several friends and acquaintances came to Kim seeking career change advice.

The same tools that help high school students form their college and career plans can be used to help adults looking for a career change. After brainstorming with a few trustworthy peers, Career Crafters of Florida was launched.